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Mountain biker and trail runner, reviewing related gear, tech and trails, with a touch of East Coast flavor.

Based in the Tri-State area, near Philadelphia PA, I’m surrounded by a variety of awesome trails. I explore everything from the fast flowy singletrack in Delaware to the punchy steep rock gardens of North New Jersey. And having such a diverse network of trails close by helps me test gear and create engaging content.

If you love to run, check out my dedicated YouTube Running Channel “TrailSageRun”. Going forward, this is where I will post new shoes reviews, related gear & tech videos as well as helpful insights, including tips and tricks. youtube.com/@trailsagerunning

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Plans for running my first ultra… so many questions

Here are some of my thoughts and concerns regarding my first attempt at a 50k trail run. If you’re an ultra-runner I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. My Plan: After separating my shoulder last year, I have once again started training. Every week I have been slowly increasing my miles and elevation,…

If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding any of the content I cover, feel free to shoot me a comment. Or if you have a specific question, do not hesitate to reach out. As a mountain biking and trail running content creator, I am always looking for cool gear and new places to go.