Weak ankles? Tape them to prevent sprains while trail running

Fed up with traditional taping techniques and cumbersome bulky braces? I found a great taping method that works well for me.

I began experimenting with different ways of taping my ankles to deal with the tough rocky terrain in my area. The technique I came up with restricts side to side movement while still allowing my foot to move up and down. So if you suffer from weak ankles, and you roll them a lot on trail runs like me, give this technique a shot.

Do you have weak ankles? Try this to prevent sprains while trail running

Please note: This is NOT a video on how to immobilize the joint after an injury! This is a video on how I prevent a sprain. If you are dealing with a serious injury please consult a doctor before attempting any trail run.

Amazon affiliate links to the products used:

Mueller Pre wrap

Hampton Adams Athletic Tape

Kinesiology Tape aka “KT Tape”

Ankle Strengthening Exercises by Martin at “The Determined Runner”

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made through the above links. Commissions earned through the Amazon Affiliate links help support this channel’s content creation. Thank you!

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