Blue Mountain Bike Park: Upper Empire put this place back on the map! – Just Ride Ep 7

With the edition of Upper Empire Blue Mountain in Palmerton PA officially has an advanced level jump/flowline from top to bottom.

In this episode of Just Ride, Dan and I headed to Blue Mt in Palmerton, PA to check out the newly created Upper Empire.  It did not disappoint!   Sure it was still the same old slow lift service to the top, but gone are the days of taking that nasty fire road from Formula to Lower Empire.

Blue Mountain Bike Park: Upper Empire put this place back on the map! – Just Ride Ep 7

To get the Upper Empire, you start with Sky Top to El Camino and at the junction to Miles of Smiles you will see new signs for Upper Empire.  Once you cross the field the trail starts with a 7 foot drop and quickly gets down to business with 5 mega jumps.  All the tables are super lippy and require quite the commitment to clear. 

Once you hit the last jump the trail leads straight into Lower Empire, which has not changed.  You will end up at Ewok Village just like before and from there you can choose to take Rollercoaster or Happy Ending to get back down to the lift.

If you plan on going I would suggest warming up on Boulevard to Upper King Tut, followed by Lower King Tut to Ewok Village.  This is a blue level flowline and should provide a good idea of what you are getting into. 

For more information, trail maps and lift tickets, click below:

Directions to Blue Mountain:
647 Blue Mountain Drive, Palmerton, PA 18058
Note: Don’t park at the resort at the top, the lot for the bike park is at the bottom.

Featured rider:  Dan @the_ride_abides

Strava Activity:   

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