Hoka Rincon 3:  Fast, light, comfortable road shoe

The Hoka Rincon 3s have been great on my shorter runs and training days, and the springy, but comfortable midsole combined with the light weight makes this an absolute blast to run in.

One of my favorite things about the original Rincons was the weight and I am happy to report although a tad bit heavier, the Rincon 3s are still is a ridiculously light shoe. I imagine the slight weight gain was due to the extra rubber on sole but, as someone who runs in varying terrain and in all conditions, I’ll take the tiny weight penalty.

I’ve been using mine on not just pavement, but also gravel, and even on some buffed out trails. You can really feel the Meta Rocker propelling you forward when you’re putting down the power, and I absolutely love that. There is enough EVA there to soften any impact without losing any of the responsiveness.

So if you are looking for a good race day shoe or a light weigh trainer than this Rincon 3 could be a great option for you. I’ve been enjoying mine on everything from the road, to gravel and even some light trail work. It fits comfortably around my foot, and even with all the cushioning, it still provides good responsive feedback. I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone, especially at this price point.

To learn more about the Hoka Rincon 3

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Footage notes: Most shots were taken at the Haverford College Nature trail in Haverford PA, and Cadwalder Tract and Powder Mill Park in Wynnewood PA. #Hoka #Rincon3 #RunningShoes #Run #hokaoneone #Runner #RunningGear

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