Save your fingers from freezing with some Bar Mitts – Winter riding gear

As a cyclist getting motivated to ride when it’s cold is hard if you don’t have the right gear. Bar Mitts are designed well, easy to install and work amazingly.

With winter rolling in these are an absolute must if you ride outside all year round. If the temps are around the freezing mark I can get away with gloves, but when it drops into the low twenties and teens, I bust out the Bar Mitts.

I love how effective these have been at keeping my hands warm. The neoprene on the inside does a great job at insulating your hands. The nylon coating on the outside is excellent at blocking the wind. I’ve had mine for 6 years so I can vouch for their durability and comfort.

Sure, the outside has its challenges, but I love being able to take in that sun and get that fresh air. So if you are like me and you can’t stand working out on an indoor trainer when it gets cold, consider getting yourself some Bar Mitts.


  • Standard Mitts – S, M, L & XL
  • Waterproof, 5mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination inside & outside.
  • Recommend sizing the Mitts is based more on girth than hand size
  • The difference from small to medium is about 1″ around the opening, Medium to large is another 1″ larger
  • Fits road bars and Shimano/SRAM/Campy levers
  • Can be used with regular cycling gloves of varying thickness
  • Reflective material on seam & logo
  • See full collection by clicking here


  • To install the Bar Mitts, first undo the two Velcro straps.
  • Then make sure the Bar Mitts logo is facing out and simply slide the Mitt over your drops and past your hoods.
  • Look for the end of your drops to come through the bottom of the mitt. Slide it up about 2 or 3 inches from the end and secure the Velcro strap tightly.
  • At the top, take the Velcro and sandwich the two halves together.

If you stick your hand in and you are having trouble getting to the brake and shift levers then undue the Velcro at the bottom and shift the whole Mitt up or down till you get the desired fit. If the Mitts are installed too low you won’t get much coverage, and if you slide them up too far they will begin push on your brake levers.

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