Fix broken mounting tabs on Garmin and Wahoo bike computers with the Dog Ears GPS repair plate

If you broke the mounting plate on the back of your bike computer, save yourself a bunch of money and give these Dog Ears GPS repair plates a shot.

I’ve been using mine on my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt for a few months now and I love how simple and clever this product is. It’s machined out of billet aluminum and the quality is excellent. The fit is precise and fairly low profile making it unnoticeable on most mounting brackets.

The installation was straight forward, however not very easy. I ended up scratching and dinging up the back of my computer quite a bit, but because it’s on the underside I didn’t care too much. Also at $24 it sure beats buying a replacement computer.

If you are interested in trying one here are the links:

Wahoo Replacement Plate

Garmin Replacement Plate

I am not affiliated to Dog Ears and they did not ask me for a review. I bought them with my own money and I just liked their product. I do not get any kick back from the links above.

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Additional Details

76 Projects Enduro Mount:

K-Edge Stem Mount for Wahoo Computers (affiliate link)

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