5 Things I wish I knew before I started my YouTube channel

Starting and maintaining a channel can be an emotional rollercoaster at times. I’ve had a lot of help from family, friends and fellow YouTubers along the way, and here are 5 things that stuck out to me.

1) Subscribers don’t equal views
2) You’re probably not going viral
3) Learn to embrace the suck
4) Success is temporary
5) Ad revenue is pitiful

I think the big take away is, it’s gonna take time. Be patient with yourself and try to find different ways to separate your content from the rest of the pack. And while your experience might be different from mine, I hope that I was able to provide some helpful insights.

Need More Help?

Here are a few more links to some videos I’ve made. This first one is about my DIY studio setup for under $200. We also cover some help tips I’ve learned over the years.

The Telesin 35.5” Monopod is an active vloggers must have

The Telesin Motorized Camera Dolly Car has been great in the studio

SmallRig clamp is a handy camera accessory

Featured Products

Here are some affiliate links to products I featured in the video. All of them are items I use frequently, and I would have no problem recommending any of them.

To purchase the Telesin 35.5″ Monopod

Telesin Motorized Camera Dolly Car

Benro Aluminum Monopod

Marantz SG-5BC Shotgun Microphone

K&M Mic Stand with Boom Arm

3Pod Mini Tripod with Ballhead

Govee LED Strip Lights

SmallRig Clamp 9.5 inch

Taisioner Windslayer for the Hero 9

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made through the above links. Commissions earned through the Amazon Affiliate links help support this channel’s content creation. Thank you!

Additional Info

Footage notes: Most shots were taken from previous videos I’ve created

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