The most intense slabs in New York! Mountain biking Blue Mountain Reserve – Just Ride Ep. 27

This place blew my mind! If you love riding big slabs and technical terrain then Debacle, On Your Marc, and Myx Monster, at Blue Mountain Reserve in New York has you covered.

Located in Peekskill NY, this park boasts 28 miles of great MTB trails surrounded by massive glacial formations. And while there are a range of trails suited for riders of all skill levels, we focused on some of the more gnarly stuff. But be prepared, this place has some punchy climbs that will wear you out quickly if you aren’t in good shape.

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If you are interested in seeing more from this ride, check out my extended cut. This isn’t a longer video with boring footage. The extended cut includes a lot of great features and memorable moments that I left out to keep the standard version short.

Blue Mountain Reserve [Extended Cut]

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Route Suggestions:

Starting from the Blue Mountain Summit Trail Head parking lot we covered 14 miles and almost 2800 ft of elevation. Debacle is rated black and is filled with tough rock gardens, challenging rollers and lots of optional steep slab drops.

On Your Marc is a double black and starts with an intense climb. However, be aware the trail continues to undulate up and down for the entire segment. But all the hard work is worth it because you are treated to some awesome riding on massive glacial formations and finishing on a huge slab ride down.

Myx Monster is black and also starts with a tough climb but is filled with big rock rollers and a fun mix of terrain. You can get more route details by clicking my Strava and Trailforks below.


Blue Mountain Summit Trail Head Parking Area
Cortlandt, NY 10567

Trail Details & Additional Info:

To learn more about WMBA and see what they are up to check out their website here:

Featured riders: Dan @the_ride_abides, Stick @stephenstoccardo, and Chris Garland
Footage notes: All footage was taken at Blue Mountain Reserve in Peekskill, NY.
Featured Bike: Ibis Mojo 3

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