Plans for running my first ultra… so many questions

Here are some of my thoughts and concerns regarding my first attempt at a 50k trail run. If you’re an ultra-runner I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

My Plan:

After separating my shoulder last year, I have once again started training. Every week I have been slowly increasing my miles and elevation, and monitoring my heart rate.

As for location, I think I’m going to choose the Wissahickon in Philadelphia. I can get about 27 miles and 3500 ft without repeat, and I can drop back down to the car at any point if I need to re-hydrate, or god forbid I get hurt.


1) I’ve never attempted anything close to this distance yet.
2) As a fasted athlete who only eats one meal a day (OMAD), I’m not sure if I can go the whole distance without eating.
3) I typically never worry about pace when I run, but for this ultra attempt I will have to monitor my effort more closely.
4) I would like to try and do the loop without walking, not sure if this is possible.
5) Can I do this unassisted as a solo adventure?
6) Hydration issues and shoe troubles.

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Additional Info

Footage notes: Most shots were taken at Saunders Nature Preserve, Kenealy Park, Rolling Hill Park, and Hollow Woods in Gladwyne PA. Additional B-roll shots were taken from Bear Rocks in Andreas PA and the Lower Merion HS Track.

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