Ergon GD1 Evo Factory Grips: All grips are NOT created equal

These MTB grips are quickly becoming one of my favorites. There is a ton of thought and technology behind them and it shows!

Whether you are an all mountain rider shredding technical trails, or an enduro racer looking for some more comfort and stability on the downhills, these GD1 could be a great match. They are a little expensive compared to the competition, but totally worth it in my opinion. I would recommend these grips to anyone looking for a little extra vibration damping and control.

Ergon GD1 Evo Factory Grips: All grips are NOT created equal

Just for added clarity this is a review of the “Factory” version. I have both versions and I prefer this over the “Non-Factory” which is a completely different grip with its own properties and characteristics. Why they choose this naming scheme (which is confusing) is a completely different topic, lol.

Ergon GD1 Evo Factory Grips [Color: Stealth, Size: Standard] (Amazon affiliate link)

To learn more about the ERGON GD1 Evo Factory Grips

Featured Bike: Carver Carbo”Beast

Footage notes: Most shots were taken at Mt Penn in Reading PA, Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia PA, and Smedley Park in Springfield PA.

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