Crum Woods: The Yale Trails “The Smedley you didn’t know” – Just Ride Ep 4

Many of you already know about the mountain biking at Smedley Park in Springfield PA, but did you know there are tons of trails right next door in Crum Woods? I will be highlighting “Rebel Yale” in this video. So pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy.

In this episode of the mtbing “Just Ride Series” I take my Ibis Mojo 3 and head to the trails adjacent to the Swarthmore College campus. These trails get pretty rocky in some spots and the terrain is very similar to what you’d find MTBing at the Wissahickon. In addition to MTB, I also use these woods for trail running.

“Rebel Yale” is a fantastic 2 mile segment that starts off Yale Rd. after crossing over Crum Creek. If you are referencing my Strava it begins at mile 4. This singletrack takes you around a municipal lot for about a half mile. At the double track make a right and in about 900 feet look for another right. This singletrack will take you past the old Oak Knoll Ruins and ends at the Smedley-Lieper Trail. You will only be on this paved path for 400 feet.

After crossing under the tracks look for a right. This singletrack is the second half of the segment and starts with a little downhill. Around 1.6 miles look for a left and start climbing toward the ridge. You will stay on the ridge for about .2 miles before it dumps you out on a pipeline trail. Hang a right and that will take you down to Crum Creek.

Crum Woods: The Yale Trails “The Smedley you didn’t know” – Just Ride Ep 4

Smedley Park Lot:
150 Papermill Rd, Springfield, PA 19064

Strava Segments:
Rebel Yale:

Strava Activity:


If you are interested in learning more about the abandoned ruins Mark Pappas created a wonderful documentary about it called “The Ruins – The Abandoned Ruins along Crum Creek, Swarthmore, PA”. You can check out that video here:

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