MTB Smedley Park: Whiskey Run “2021 Bootleggers” – Just Ride Ep 5

The Whiskey Run is a great way to add a few more miles of flowy singletrack to Smedley Park, in Springfield PA. There have been some changes in the last year, and I will cover the new detour in this video. So pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy.

In this episode of the mtbing “Just Ride Series” I take my Ibis Mojo 3 and head back to Smedley Park to review a trail called the Whiskey Run. This used to be a straight shot, but do to some property issues there is now a go around. As a result I have split this trail into 2 parts “Whiskey Run II (bootleggers)” and the “South Springfield Trail”. I prefer to ride this trail clockwise, but it can be ridden either way, even as an out-and-back.

I start by exiting Smedley Park via the “Springfield Trail” at the New Destiny church onto Wesley Rd. If you want to reference my Strava below this happens at about mile 2. Make your way a few blocks to James Ln. If you enter James Ln off Maddock Rd the trailhead is only 100 ft down the road.

This first leg of the Whiskey Run is about a mile long and full of flowy singletrack. At mile 3.7 you can make a choice to go left or right. I like to go right to avoid the tracks. (Editor’s note, taking this alternate route only minimizes the tracks, it does NOT eliminate it completely. You will still have to ride next to the tracks at the detour). This will dump you onto Lewis Rd where you will hang a left and then another Left onto Thomson Ave. After you pass the Thomson Station make a right onto Stidman Dr and look for a small wooden bridge to cross the creek. You will only be on this singletrack for a short bit before the big detour.

The Detour: Unfortunately do to some property issues we now have to exit the trail and make our way up to Sproul Rd to get to the second leg of the Whiskey Run. Once you have crossed over the bridge on Sproul Rd you will see the trailhead for the “South Springfield Trail” on the left. The good news is you have another mile of sweet flowy singletrack to look forward to. Eventually the trail will re-enter Smedley Park at the Papermill parking lot.

Smedley Park Lot:
150 Papermill Rd, Springfield, PA 19064

Strava Segments:
Whiskey Run II (bootlegger):
Westward whisky-rum frontiers:

Strava Activity:


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