Might as well jump! Spice up your local trail runs – Part 2

I’ve recently been watching some Freerunning / Parkour videos online and got inspired, so I decided to try and incorporate some trail side features into my local trail run.  And while I am far from calling myself a Freerunner, I did enjoy experimenting with a few obstacles.

In part two of “Spice up your local trail runs” I found another downed tree, which had been cut into large logs, to try my hand a jumping between them.  Much like in part one, it took me several takes and I never got a clean run, but I am excited to come back and progress on what I accomplished so far.

Implementing obstacles that I would have normally passed by has added a new dimension to trail running, and taught me to see the trail in a completely different light.  I also found I am using muscles that I didn’t know I had, lol.  Needless to say, I have found this style of running a huge benefit to my overall fitness and mind acumen.

So if you are looking to make your local trail runs more interesting, keep your eye out for things like vines, logs and rocks the next time you are out.  Experiment and have fun with it.  I guarantee it will change the way you approach the trail.

Kenealy Nature Park (Use the Ashburn Field Parking Lot)
1799 Youngs Ford Rd, Gladwyne, PA 19035

Footage notes: Everything was shot at Kenealy Nature Park in Gladwyne PA. This park is maintained by Bridlewild Trails, to donate, or become a member please click here: http://www.bridlewildtrails.org

Here are some other videos that you maybe interested in.

So you wanna be a Freerunner?  Spice up your local trail runs – Part 1

Bored with your local trail?  Find a trail side feature to incorporate into your run.This downed tree seemed like the perfect intro for me.  I can’t remember how many takes it took me, and I never got a clean run from start to finish, but I did come away with a sense of accomplishment and new appreciation for those athletes.

Eyes up! My trails are up here. 3 Steps to improve at technical trail running

There is nothing I love more than challenging myself on technical terrain. However getting better at doing this has taken years of practice and experience.  If you struggle with rocky terrain, or have avoided this type of running, I have come up with three steps help you improve your ability to run on rocks.

Crazy Awesome Rock Scramble! Bear Rocks & Knife’s Edge Trail Run

If you are a trail runner looking to challenge yourself this is your spot.  This section of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania is filled with technical terrain, rock scrambles and breathtaking overlooks.

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