Shimano AM9: The Best Enduro MTB Shoes You Never Heard Of!

The Shimano AM9 is a lightweight, comfortable, enduro style mountain bike shoe, that will take on anything you throw at it.

If you liked the original Shimano AM901 I am happy to report they have not changed much in the new Shimano AM902.  The updates include a few design tweaks to the toe box, lace protector and the addition of a pull tab on the heel.  So far I have about 200 miles logged in mine and I absolutely love them.

The AM9s give me confidence and protection on the tech, and I never feel any loss of power when I have to get at it.  This three season MTB shoe is also extremely breathable, shedding water while still wicking the sweat away.  They are comfortable to wear for long days in the saddle, and great off the bike when you are scoping new lines.  And while these shoes are a bit on the pricey side I think they are 100% worth every penny. 

So whether you are a weekend shredder looking to hit the gnar, or an enduro racer looking for a shoe to handle some heavy abuse and power, I highly recommend these shoes.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.  And if you liked the video and you want to see more content like this feel free to check out my other videos on Trail Sage.  Thanks

Shimano AM9 (model #902)

Footage notes:  Most shots were taken at the Smedley Park in Springfield PA, Spring Mt Bike Park in Schwenksville PA, and Mt Penn in Reading PA.  Also thanks to Dan @the_ride_abides for helping me get some of those great shots. #MTBshoes #MountainBiking #Shimano #mtbgear #mtb #Enduro #Enduromtb

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