Continental Der Baron: Enduro tires that deliver at a high level on a consistent bases!

As my skill level progressed and my riding style improved the types of trails I began seeking out also changed.  And while the trail kings were great for cross-country style trails and intermediate tech, I found they weren’t able to keep up in the heavy gnar and bigger features.  So I made the switch to the Der Barons about a year ago and I haven’t looked back.

The Continental Der Barons are right at home on those east coast style rock gardens, small slab work and loamy or rocky soil.  It does well on flow lines with deep berms and jumps, but it really excels on those raw natural trails.  I find the nastier and jankier it is, the better it does.

One of my other favorite things is how well the tires hold its form.  I always feel in control and there’s no guessing work, these tires deliver at a high level on a consistent bases.  And that’s really important to me. 

The deeper side lugs hold the corners better, and the center bead grips just about everything I throw at it.  They are situated and spaced out in a way allows the tire to sink deep into the soil, for maximum traction, but also releases mud in wet conditions, avoiding any packing or clogging of the tread. 

At 948 grams these Der Barons are on the lighter side of most enduro tires without losing any performance.  I find they are just as capable in the slow speed tech sections as they are blasting down a rock garden.

If you are someone who enjoys technical riding and blasting downhills, but also doesn’t mind taking the singletrack climb back to the top, then this tire is gonna be right down your isle.  I would also say if you consider yourself to be an all-mountain type of rider, who goes out of your way to look for features, drops and tech, this would be a good option for you as well.

So if you are in the market for a new mountain bike tire, or you’re just not happy with what you are currently riding, try giving the Continental Der Baron Projekt 2.4 a shot.  I find them to be long lasting, confidence inspiring, dependable and predictable, all at a price that won’t have you refinancing the house.

To learn more about the Der Baron:

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.  And if you liked the video and you want to see more content like this feel free to check out my other videos on Trail Sage.  Thanks

Footage notes:  Most shots were taken at the Smedley Park in Springfield PA, Spring Mt Bike Park in Schwenksville PA, and Mt Penn in Reading PA.  #Continental #Blackchili #mtbtires #EuduroTires #MountainBiking #mtb #Enduro #Enduromtb #allmountain #allmountainmtb

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