Mount your bike computer securely, and out of the way, with the Enduro Mount from 76 Projects

If you ride with a bike computer, but can’t stand the seeing it in your POV footage, try giving this Enduro Mount a shot. 

As a content creator on YouTube, and a mountain biker, I rely heavily on point of view shots to illustrate where, and what I am riding.  Having a bike computer mounted to my bars always felt distracting and took up valuable screen space.

The Enduro Mount from 76 Projects allows you to attach your computer anywhere along your top tube, giving you full access, without getting in the way of your shot. The durable material used keeps it from rattling around on techy trails, and holds up to some serious abuse.  So if you have a Wahoo Bolt, or Garmin 500 series, I would recommend this mount.

Enduro Mount:

About 76 Projects:

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Footage notes: Most shots were taken at the Highland Bike Park in Northfield NH, Rockland Preserve in Madison CT, Mt Penn in Reading PA, and Haverford Reserve in Haverford PA. #76projects #MTB #POV #GoPro #MTBGear

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