Stan’s DART is not sticky, seals fast and lasts forever!

These DART tire plugs aren’t sticky like traditional bacon strips, and when they go in they don’t pull out.

I’ve wanted to review this magic puncture fix for months because I’ve been so stoked on it, but I wanted to give a full trial run on two different bikes before giving it my endorsement.  So far I’ve had one in my fatbike tire for over 8 months, and one in my full suspension for 4 months.  Both have been holding air with no issues. 

They have allowed me to hold on to my tires, and work quickly saving me time on the trail.  And unlike those plugs that are a mess to install, and often pull out during a ride, the DART holds even in the toughest conditions.  The compact design and light weight makes it easy to throw in any pack. 

If you’re already running tubeless tires, or are considering doing so, I highly recommending picking up one of these DARTS.

Stan’s DART tool (Amazon affiliate link):

Stan’s Dart refill pack (Amazon affiliate link):

To learn more about the Stan’s DART:

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Footage notes: Most shots were taken at Mt Penn in Reading PA. Thank you to Andrew @shearin_photos, Dan @the_ride_abides, and Stick @stephenstoccardo, for helping me get some of the shots #StansNoTubes #MTB #MTBGear #Fatbike #StansDart

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