“It’s all rocks all the time” Ringwood State Park – Just Ride Ep. 15

If you like riding tech and big rock slabs Ringwood State Park in NJ has you covered. This place was amazing!

We were searching for a mountain bike destination that would hold up in wet weather and we hit the jack pot. Ringwood is all rocks all the time. If you enjoy slow speed tech and want to test your skills I highly recommend checking this trail network.

Our Route:

Starting from the Northern Skyline Dr. parking lot we used Pipeline (which was a mistake) to connect with Hoeferlin Memorial trail, but missed the turn for Cannonball. Using Trailforks we were able to get back on route by using the Crossover Trail. After a few miles on Pierson Ridge, Cape Rd and Black Birch Way we used the Race Trail to link to Skylands.

Skylands, Ringwood Ramapo Knob and Warm Puppy Rock were incredible with huge rock slabs and tons of alt lines. From there we used Millie White Rd and Woods Rd to connect with Renegade and began making our way back. Eventually we merged onto Ringwood Ramapo where we fought through some tough but awesome rock gardens. This lead us back onto Hoeferlin Memorial Bypass which we followed back to the lot.

In total, our ride ended up being 19 miles with 3000 ft of climbing. If want to follow the route we took, check out my Strava or Trailforks links below.

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Trail Details & Additional Info

Northern Skyline Drive Parking Lot
265 Skyline Drive, Oakland, NJ 07436

Strava activity:

Trailforks ride log:

Special thank you to Arthur White at JORBA, the driving force behind the trail work at Ringwood. To learn more about JORBA (Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association) and see what they are up to click here: https://jorba.org/

To donate to JORBA use the link below:

If you are looking for a good meal after the ride, check out the Oakland Diner. It is only 5 mins away and the food was delicious.

72 Ramapo Valley Rd, Oakland, NJ 07436

Featured rider: Dan @the_ride_abides

If you like what you see, or have some feedback/questions feel free to contact me. If you enjoyed the content and you want to see more check out my other pages on Trail Sage.

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