The science of rest and recovery in sports “Train smarter, so you can train harder “

Cycling and running without proper recovery could lead to dead legs, mental fatigue and other overtraining symptoms. If you train hard then you probably already know the importance of rest days. 

Professional athletes will include light days, or a day off, right into their training schedule.  And after a hard race or tough training block they may take a few days off for recovery.

But that’s not what I’m talking about here.  You see, every year I take 2 – 3 weeks completely off from my biking and running.  The goal is to give my body and mind a complete rest.  Think of it as a factory reboot.  But why is it important to take these long breaks? 

I’ve asked Steph from Safe Motions to join me to help answer this and many other questions.

Stéphane Laporte,
Osteopathic Therapist, Sports Coach
IG: @safe.motions

So if you are someone that trains hard all year round, and you don’t already take a few weeks off, try giving it a shot.  I know as I get older I have to get smarter about how and when I train.  And these extended breaks are another great tool to have in my pocket. 

To learn more about extended fasting check out the video below.

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