Benro Series 3 Monopod:  Perfect for filming in the studio or on location

Looking for a good inexpensive monopod you can trust to get the job done? The Benro Series 3 Monopod with S2 head has held up great, and I highly recommend it for studio or location shooting.

Not having the money or space to create a dedicated overhead setup, this Benro has been a game changer for me. I still get that same quality and feel from a professional permanent setup, while maintaining the flexibility to quickly tear it all down when I am finished. The poles extend out to over 5 ft and the small but sturdy tripod legs inspire confidence.

The aluminum construction of this monopod give this a really nice solid feel when using it, and the twist lock is easy to operate and glides smooth when adjusting for height. When I have to carry it from spot to spot, or hold it in place to secure a shot, the foam grip is very comfortable. The adjustable drag on the pan and rotation, is smooth enough for simple moves, and adds a little dynamic flair to some otherwise boring shots.

Benro 3 Series Twist-Lock Monopod Kit with S2 Video Head [A38TDS2] – (Affiliated Link)

Additional Info:

The other head featured in this video:
Benro S4 PRO Flat Base Fluid Video Head w/ Pan Arm [S4PRO] – (Affiliated Link)

To learn more about the Benro Series 3 Monopod:

Special thank you to the folks at Main Line Cycles @mainline.cycles for letting me film at the shop. These guys are the best! If you need a new bike or some servicing def check them out.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. And if you liked the content feel free to check out my other pages on Trail Sage. Thanks

Footage notes: All shots on location were taken at Main Line Cycles in Narberth PA. #Benro #Monopods #ProductReview #StudioSetup #Review #studiogear #vloggingsetup

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