4 Tips to help you get better at trail running

If you struggle on trail in technical sections here are 4 tips to help you advance your trail running skills.

Last year I did a video on “3 Steps to improve your technical trail running” (see below). In this video I tried to take it one step further by taking a deeper look at speed, timing and stride length. We also cover how to stay composed over wet features, and techniques I use on how to approach difficult terrain.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. And if you liked the content feel free to check out my other pages on Trail Sage. Thanks

Shoes: Hoka Speedgoat 3
Footage notes: All shots were taken at Kenealy Nature Park, in Gladwyne PA.

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Additional Trail Running Videos

If you found that helpful please check out my other video on trail running tips below.

If you have weak ankles like me I did a video on how to tape them for trail running

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