Vsett 9+ Electric Scooter – A great alternative to an electric bike for commuting

The Vsett 9+ is a high quality eScooter with plenty of power and speed for your daily commute. With its dual motors, and front and back suspension, it’s a great alternative to an Ebike. I purchased mine from Rev Rides about 5 months ago and I absolutely love it!

Not only have I saved on gas, but with traffic, the bike lanes are often faster saving me time as well. With a top speed of 35 mph I can confidently keep up with the cars. And the headlights, turn signals and break lights make me feel safe when I am riding on the streets.

The overall construction is solid and the dual 650 watt motors give this a lot of pep. Having suspension on the front and back also makes this a blast to pop curbs and dip into corners. And even though the 8.5 inch wheels are small the 3 inch tire width makes it feel stable and secure.

With the ability to switch between single and dual motor, and several gear options, it’s a product that can grow with you, and you won’t have to worry about outgrowing it. So if you are considering an electric scooter I would highly recommend the Vsett 9+.

If you are interested in purchacing one check out the folks at Rev Rides

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Magicshine MJ 900 [MJ900S]
Rechargeable 1200 lumen front bike light

LuBanSir Cinch Straps
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Additional Info

To learn more about the Vsett 9+ and the other scooters in their lineup, check out their website: https://vsettscooters.com/

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Footage notes: Most shots were taken on the streets and parks of Ardmore, Havertown and Wynnewood PA.

Huge thank you to Anthony Vega, George Tate and my Dad Tom Thompson, for helping me get all those great shots!

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