Let’s take this thing to new levels! TrailSage Membership Pledge Drive

If you found any of my videos helpful or enjoyable consider “Joining” me.  I want to continue making great content and your extra support makes that all happen. 

If you don’t see a Join button try this link:

The $2 Membership gets you:

1) Add free videos

For any video that exceeds 9 mins

2) Discounts on Merch when available

3) TrailSage Sticker

4) Early Release

Members will be able to see all my videos a day or two in advance

5) Member Badges 

A member badge will appear next to your name when you leave a comment on my videos

And if member ship is not your thing there are other ways to support me.

1) Buy Me A Coffee
Make a one-time donation at:

2) Purchase Merch
Show your love with a custom created design


3) Spread the word

If you enjoyed a video send it to a friend or share it with a Facebook group

Thank you to everyone that took a chance on me.  Your love and support has meant everything.  I hope to continue bring you high quality content for years to come. 

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