ILM 726x light duty eScooter helmet is versatile, safe and comfortable to wear

The ILM 726x is a versatile light duty helmet that has all the safety certifications packaged in a cool design. 

I’ve been using this helmet for the last 5 months on my Vsette 9+ eScooter and I love it!  The light weight, removable chin guard, and retractable visor, make it comfortable to wear many conditions.  And because it meets FMVSS and DOT safety standards, you can use it with electric skateboards, ATVs and Onewheels on your commute.

At $100 dollars this is on the lower end of the scale and quite a bargain in my opinion.  And if you are interested in the clear visor that is also available for an additional $15.  See links below.

So if you are looking for a quality 3/4 half face helmet I would definitely keep the ILM 726x on your short list.  The removable pad inserts, and replaceable visor, make it a good investment that should last you a long time. I would have no problem recommending this helmet to anyone.

To purchase the ILM 726x (affiliate link):

Clear Visor (affiliate link):

Additional Info

To learn more about the ILM 726X and their full lineup of helmets, check out their website:

Footage notes:  Most shots were taken on the streets of Ardmore, and Wynnewood, Pennsylvania #Helmet #ILMRacing #ElectricScooter #eScooter #Vsett #Commuting #Commute 

Featured Scooter: Vsette 9+

Handle Bar Light: Magicshine MJ 900 (affiliate link)

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