Welcome to the Jungle we’ve got fun and planes – Fly to ride Jungle Habitat

A fun adventure that started with a flight to North New Jersey for an awesome mountain bike ride at Jungle Habitat.

With our mountain bikes stacked in the back of Per’s V-Tail we left Brandywine Airport for a 30 min flight to Greenwood Lake Airport. The trail head was just mins from the airport making Jungle Habitat the perfect MTB destination point. Located at the site of an abandoned amusement park/safari there were plenty of old relics still left behind.

The terrain was rocky and full of surprises, and the huge rock slabs were an absolute blast. We rode the outer loop clockwise, but I think it can be done in either direction. In total we ended up getting 12 miles with 1700 ft of elevation. Afterward we stopped at the Smoke Shack BBQ & Burgers for a bite to eat before heading back. I’ll leave links to my Strava activity and parking lot info below.

I highly recommend the ride if you are in the area. It’s short, but full of fun things to session. And definitely stop at the Smoke Shack BBQ & Burgers after the ride too. It’s only a block away from the trail head and the food was delicious.

Welcome to the Jungle we’ve got fun and planes – Fly to ride Jungle Habitat

Special thank you to Per for making this adventure possible! Along with the flight, he supplied all the drone footage as well. If you are interested in aviation, and especially V-Tails, please checkout Per’s channel https://www.youtube.com/c/VTalesAviation

Jungle Habitat Parking Lot
109 Airport Rd, West Milford, NJ 07480

Smoke Shack BBQ & Burgers
126 Airport Rd, West Milford, NJ 07480

Trail Forks:

Strava activity:

Trail Forks Ride Log: https://www.trailforks.com/ridelog/view/24276776/

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