Get a grip and hold it with the 9.5” SmallRig Clamp

This is a great tool for situations where you have a round or flat surface you can clamp down on to get a steady shot. I use it on my trail runs, as well as my mountain bike, to get those shots were gorilla pods and tripods struggle. It is 9.5 inches fully extended and collapses down quickly making transport a cinch. Because it’s small and relatively light, you can easily fit it in a bike pack or running vest.

So if you are looking for a small durable clamp rig to get that unique shot perspective, then I highly recommend this SmallRig Clamp. This is a great addition to your vlogging gear setup. I have been using mine MTB and running in all kinds of scenarios and conditions, as well as in the studio, and I can’t say enough about it.

Get a grip and hold it with the 9.5” SmallRig Clamp

Below are some useful scenarios and situations the SmallRig can be used in. It is great for inside the studio as well as for getting that unique shot perspective outdoors. And because it is so compact and easy to use I find myself reaching for it a lot to get that particular shot.

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SmallRig Clamp 9.5 inch [Large]

SmallRig Clamp 5.8 inch [Small]

Footage notes: Most shots were taken at the Haverford Reserve, Haverford, PA and Kenealy Park in Gladwyne PA.

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