Specialized Recon 2 (MTB shoes): Look out for hot spots!

If you’re looking for a mtb, gravel or cyclocross shoe, this could be a good option. Just watch out for hot spots under the tongue.

I bought the Recon 2s to replace my old pair 6 months ago. I typically use this style of shoe on my road bike and singlespeed. However, do to the pandemic my actual mountain bike shoes were delayed, which gave me a unique opportunity to test the off-road capabilities of the Recon 2.

They are quite durable, easy to maintain, and stiff where needed. The tread on the bottom made walking on rocky and loose terrain a breeze. It’s almost a great shoe with one huge draw back… hot spots! They occur on either side of the tongue where there is no padding and they have not gone away. Note: everyone’s foot is unique and your experience could be completely different. So if you are in the market for shoes make sure you try these on at the store before purchasing.

Specialized Recon 2

Footage notes: Most shots were taken at the Haverford Reserve in Haverford PA, Smedley Park in Springfield PA, and Mt Penn in Reading PA.

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