Add some freerunning to spice up your local trail runs – Part 1

Bored with your local trail? Look for trailside features to incorporate into your run.

I have recently been watching some Freerunner / Parkour videos online and got inspired. I wanted to try and implement some of what I saw, and liked, to my local trail run in Gladwyne. And while I am far from calling myself a Freerunner, I did enjoy pushing my limits.

This downed tree seemed like the perfect intro for me. I can’t remember how many takes it took me, and I never got a complete clean run, but I did come away with a sense of accomplishment and new appreciation for those athletes.

So if you are looking to make your trail running more interesting, keep your eye out for things like vines, logs and rocks the next time you are out. Experiment and have fun with it. I guarantee it will change the way you approach the trail. Stay tuned for part two…

Saunders Woods Preserve Parking Lot
1020 Waverly Rd, Gladwyne, PA 19035

Here is a link to my Bear Rocks & Knifes Edge video:

For help with running on technical terrain, check out this video:

Footage notes:
Everything was shot at the Saunders Woods Preserve in Gladwyne PA.

To donate to Bridlewild trails:

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