Trail Fest 10k race course preview & interview with RD

I finally pulled the trigger and registered for my first race!

I have been running for a while, but a serious injury delayed my race goals last year. I decided to register for the Trail Fest 10k because it is a distance and elevation I am comfortable running, and I also know Coventry Woods pretty well. I am quite nervous, but also super excited to run my first trail race.

I met up with my buddy Dan Flickinger, who is the race Co-Director, to get the low down. Along with running the whole course, he gave me some race details and some helpful advice. I also went back a few days later and recorded the entire race route, so if you are interested in seeing the 10k loop you can jump to that using the chapter markers below.

The race is at Coventry Woods in Pottstown PA. There are 5k, 10k, 3hr and 6hr options available. Register for the “Trail Fest” at Here is the link to register:

Trail Fest 10k race course preview & interview with RD

Strava Course Route:

How I tape my ankles for trail running:

If you are interested in learning more about racing in general check out by friends Reto and Steven’s YouTube channel. They do a lot of helpful videos on race day prep and training.

Reto’s Page: Run Free and Strong

Steven’s Page: Ultra Trail Steven

Footage notes: All shots were taken at the Coventry Woods in Pottstown PA.

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