A runner’s first race: Inside the mind of a first-timer

The Trail Fest 10k proved to be both challenging and rewarding. This is an in depth look into the mindset of a runner entering a race for the first time. The running community was great and incredibly supportive.  I can’t wait to do it again!  

I wanted to chronicle my thoughts before and after the race.  I discuss my approach, go over what worked, and what I would do differently.  FYI, I made the decision to run without my GoPro to focus on the race, but if you are interested in the 10k race course see the links below.

A little background, after a couple years of running, and dealing with a few injuries that delayed my progression, I finally ran my first race!  I picked the Trail Fest 10k because I am familiar with these trails and also comfortable with the distance and elevation involved.   In total the race ended up just over 6 miles with about 900 feet of elevation.

Big thanks to Dan and Andrew from the Big Woods Running Club who put on a fantastic race.  Also a huge shout out to my wife Janet, who recorded my race day footage and asked me all the questions.

Strava Activity:

Trail Fest 10k race course preview & interview with RD

Big Woods Running Club

North Coventry Township

Footage notes: All shots were taken at the Coventry Woods in Pottstown PA.

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