HSU Bite Mount:  Good action camera accessory with one drawback

Using this GoPro accessory is a great way to supplement your footage.  It’s good at getting those short, unique shot perspectives that help tell your story.  It is especially useful at capturing footage where you need to show both your hands.

The silicone mouth piece is really comfortable and provides plenty of protection from any impact, should you bump into anything with your camera. It is also really easy to breathe through.  I was able to run with this in my mouth for short periods of time with absolutely no problem. 

The ability to show your surroundings, and shift your point of interest, is something you can’t get from a chest mount, where your viewing angle is fixed.  Also, having it in your mouth makes aiming your shot a lot easier when compared to a traditional headband mount. 

I only have one dislike, but it is almost a deal killer.  While the silicone mouth piece is extremely comfortable, it also overly flexible.  This means if you are doing any kind of activity that requires heavy impact, like running or jumping. Or if you have to turn your head side two side very quickly. The amount of flex and bounce from this mount, makes those shots unusable. 

Fortunately there is a simple solution.  Instead of biting down on the mouth piece itself, I clamped down on to the hard plastic portion farther up, which is still covered in silicone; the difference is night and day. 

Without adjusting your bite down, here are some situations I think it would be ideal for; activities with less impact like rollerblading and skateboarding look great.  And though I did not get to test it in the water, I feel it would work well for swimming and surfing too.  Sports like rock climbing; where the use of your hands are critical, also show up well.  And finally, this could also be useful when doing product demos and tutorials.

To purchase the bite mount use the link below. Or visit there amazon store for more HSU products.

HSU Bite Mount

Affiliate link to their Amazon store

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  And if you liked review and you want to see more content like this feel free to check out the my other posts. 

Footage notes:  A special thank you to my boys Oliver (rock climbing) and Jack (skateboarding) for helping me demo the product.  Most shots were taken at the Smedley Park in Springfield PA, Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg PA, and Havertown Skatepark in Havertown PA. 

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