2021 Recap, awards and future goals

Looking back we had an awesome year on the trails, both on the mountain bike and with our running shoes.

We took mountain biking trips to New England, and the Frederick Watershed, and even created a new Fly2Ride series were Per and I flew to different locations that featured an airport close by to a trailhead. Check out Per’s channel “VTalesAviation

Along with entering my first 10k trail race, we also accomplished some awesome trails runs on the Appalachian Trail, and experimented with adding some freerun/parkour elements to our local trails.

We did a bunch of comprehensive product reviews for cycling and running products, as well as some how-to videos on technique and gear. And finally, launched our online merch shop, which we hope to expand more in the future.

Traily Awards

I created the Traily awards to mark some of my favorite destinations, videos and gear.  Check out the winners and runners up below.  If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to contact me.


This year’s Traily award for best mountain bike destination goes to:

Miller’s Pond in Durham Connecticut

This place was unlike anything I had ever experienced and also opened my eyes to the world of skinnies and slabs. Pound for pound, every square inch of this ride had some key obstacle or feature that absolutely blew my mind. If you like slow speed tech, this place has got it in spades!

Honorable mentions in this category go to the Watershed in Frederick and Vietnam Trail Network in Massachusetts.

The Traily award for best trail run goes to:

Bear Rocks and Knife’s edge in Andreas Pennsylvania

This segment of the Appalachian Trail featured some amazing rock scrambles and crazy geologic formations which made this place stunning to look at, let alone run on. If you plan on running here bring you’re A game and plenty of ankle tape.

Honorable mentions go to the East Loop of the Lehigh Gap

The Traily award for favorite video goes to:

Note: Not based on views/likes, but rather the video enjoyed creating most

3 steps to help you improve at technical trail running

This video took a long time to script and gather shots for but I enjoyed every min of it and I’m extremely proud of how it turned out.

Honorable mentions go to the “Every inch is a battle” Frederick Watershed video

The Traily award for favorite product goes to:

Telesin 35.5” Monopod

I am not sponsored by any company and rarely get sent stuff, so the items I chose to spend my money on I care deeply about and they have to perform at a high level. This monopod has been the most used tool in my arsenal and continue to use it today in all of my trail running and mountain biking videos. If you are an active vlogger put this on your list of must haves, you won’t regret it.

To purchase the Telesin 35.5″ Monopod (Amazon affiliate link)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made through the above links. Commissions earned through the Amazon Affiliate links help support this channel’s content creation. Thank you!

Final Thoughts

A big “thank you!” to everyone that hit that like button, and or left a comment. I know that this isn’t top of mind for folks, so the fact that you went out of your way to do so means a whole lot to me. Covering two different subjects like mountain biking and trail running on the same channel is challenging and certainly an algorithm no no, so if you’ve already subscribed thanks for bucking the system.

Big shout out to Dan @the_ride_abides, my two sons Jack and Oliver, and anyone else I’ve roped in over the last year to help me film. Finally the biggest thank you to my wife Janet who’s been my absolute rock and makes all of this possible.

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