How to stop heel striking and improve overall running form in 2 easy steps

I came up with two easy steps to stop heel striking and improve my overall running form. Step one was to apply tape to my heels, which gave me audible and visual feedback to help me to land on my forefoot.  Once I was comfortable running on the balls of my feet, the next step was to slowly transition to a midfoot strike.  Using gravel I was able to see and feel how my foot was landing, and taking off, and I used that information to modify my foot strike over time.

As someone who struggles with back pain using these two methods made a huge difference in my running.   And the best part is, you don’t need special sneakers or expensive inserts; you can use the shoes you currently run in.  And that’s great because adjusting to new gear is just one more factor to consider when making a big change. 

And while I am not a running coach, if you want more details on proper running form and other running topics, check out my buddy Paul’s channel “DevRunner”

If you are interested in the shirt I was wearing:

Do you have any additional tips that work for you?  Leave your feedback in the comments below.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime. If you enjoyed this content and you want to see more stuff like this feel free to check out my other pages on Trail Sage.

Shoes: Hoka Rincon 3 (my review below)

Footage notes: All shots were taken at Haverford College Nature Trails in Haverford PA, and around the streets of Ardmore and Havertown PA.

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