Don’t record naked! Cover it up and get better audio with the Windslayer

I bought this windscreen for my GoPro Hero 9 to help with my trail running and mountain biking videos. I was not expecting much to be honest, but this Windslayer completely surprised me!

Regarding the windscreen, there is not much to it. It’s essentially just a piece of foam that covers all the built-in mics, however don’t let the simplicity turn you off. I found this to be extremely effective for my vlogging, running and hiking videos, or anything utilizing that front facing mic. The only area this foam struggles is on a chest mount during my MTB rides when the speed is above 12 mph.

To be clear, this will NOT give you production quality sound. If you need that, then I would suggest going with the Media Mod and running wireless mics. But for most of us, I think this Taisioner Windslayer will do the trick. It is far cheaper than the alternative, and you can easily change them out if they rip or get dirty.

Don’t record naked! Cover it up and get better audio with the Windslayer

I included a bunch of different sample clips at the end of the video, so use the chapter markers to navigate around.

Amazon affiliate links:

Taisioner Windslayer for the Hero 9

Taisioner Windslayer for the Hero 8

Footage notes: Most shots were taken at Mt Penn in Reading PA, Kenealy Nature Park in Gladwyne PA, Lehigh Gap in Slatington PA, Trexler Nature Preserve in Schnecksville PA, and Harmony Hill in Downingtown PA.

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